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The Bridge LOUD - 22- Is It Wrong to Want People to Like Me?
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A new Episode of the Bridge Loud is up! Do you dig big drums, loud guitars, and awesome female rock vocals? Of course you do. All that and an Unka Glen sermon!

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Christians, as a culture, like things to be safe. They want to know how things will end before they begin, to be sure that everything will work out okay. The problem with that is, an authentic Christian life mandates taking risks. The Bible is full of people taking huge, faith-based risks.

Jed Brewer on episode 132 of Say That

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The Poolhouse Guru - Psalm 141:4
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"Do not let my heart be drawn to what is evil”

The Poolhouse Guru takes those words, written  by a struggling man thousands of years ago, and combines them with elements of jazz, disco, hip-hop, and electronica. The kind of thing you will only find in BridgeBox.

There is an idea that to be a serious Christian means to be busy with Christian stuff all the time, that the super committed person is the one running themselves ragged all the time. The reality is that a healthy Christian life is balanced, and a balanced life has to include time for rest and fun.

Jed Brewer on episode 131 of Say That

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Lee Younger - Lee Younger - Better For Me
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A New Song That’s As Big And Loud As Your Deepest Questions

What if Jesus understands the stuff you’re most ashamed of? What if He loves you still and wants to help you move through it by giving you something even better? Whatever you’re struggling with, the Scripture says Jesus isn’t condemning you - He understands you and has something amazing for you.

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The Bridge Podcast - 55- Processing Emotions
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A new episode of The Bridge Podcast is up! It features a song recorded live in Chicago, a song from Pete and Tasha Lawson based on a prayer of St Augustine, and a sermon on processing emotions in a healthy way from Matt King.

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bluelikejazzminds asked: Hate is a common theme towards young black and brown men of this nation. Justice for these young men (and women) has not been served, and if anything are glossed over by celebrity news or other stories to distract the nation. As a Christian, I want to look…

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Unka Glen Fitzjerrell, Jed Brewer - 21- Emotions and Thought Life
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A new episode of The Bridge LOUD is up! It features a worship song written specifically for outlaw biker gangs and a sermon from Unka Glen on managing your emotional and thought life in a healthy way.

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Jed Brewer - Everything That's Wrong
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At it’s core, God’s love challenges our beliefs about ourselves. A God who somewhat tolerates would, at times, feel more sensible than a Father who adores us in spite of our issues. This powerful acoustic track presents a challenging interaction between Love and doubt - one that all of us need to have for ourselves.

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A new song from me. Hope you dig it.

If you want every part of your life to be to the glory of God, you need a mission for your life that takes everything you’ve got. You are looking for a mission and a purpose that takes every skill and talent you have with God’s strength as the engine driving the whole thing.

Jed Brewer on episode 130 of Say That

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