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Lee Younger - He Is God
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A Song For 9/11

He Is God

I wrote this song ten years ago… the day after the towers fell. It’s basically just Psalm 46. I didn’t really have anything to say other than what that Scripture had to tell us. I just wanted to be able to sing something true in the midst of something tragic, confusing and sad. 

“Be still and know that I am God” - Psalm 46:10

Lee Younger - Start Here
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This is another blisteringly good song from my man Lee Younger.  Play this early and often.


Start Here

I wrote this song to the Lord as a way to put into words what it means to me to go to Him every day and spend time with Him. Some people call this their “quiet time” or their “daily devotional time” but whatever you wanna call it, we need to go to the Lord every single day. And we need to go because we need Him… not because we feel obligated, and not because it seems like the right thing for a Christian to do, but because we honestly don’t have what it takes to live this day unless He comes down here and helps us with a power outside of ourselves. 

My dear friend Jed Brewer ( produced this track, so that’s why it sounds so good! To find this tune on iTunes, just click right HERE

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Hey Everybody,

This is a little song I wrote about coming to terms with how badly I need God.  (The track is just me and my guitar…)