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What if they’re all wrong about you?

If you’ve ever had people reject you, read this post.  Hallie brings the heat!!


Picture, for a second, that you’re five years old.  And you look around at the world, and you wonder, “What kind of person am I?”  It’s a great question, and one that we start asking when we’re little babies, and keep asking most of our lives.

There are key people, of course, that we look to to answer that question, to tell us who we are, and who we should be, to tell us what’s true, right and important.

And, for some of us, we’ve gotten some pretty terrible responses.  Many of the people in our lives – family, friends, relatives, people we’ve dated – have given us a consistent message: we are not what they’re looking for … we are not good enough … we don’t belong. There’s a cut and we – you and I – didn’t make it.

Maybe it’s a sibling making fun of every single thing you’re interested in. Or a significant other breaking up with you because you’re just not enough.  (Or maybe because you’re too much.) Maybe it’s classmates or coworkers tearing down anything about you that they consider ‘different’. Or a parent telling you that if you would just be more like your brother, or sister, or cousin…then you would be okay. Or a friend telling you that you need to act a certain way to get a boyfriend or girlfriend (a way that involves acting like a completely different person).

For some of us - including me - it was all of the above. And after awhile, we don’t even question it anymore.  Why would we?  I mean, with all of these people telling us that there’s something wrong with who we are – well, the common denominator must be… me.

What if they’re all wrong?

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