The Squeezings of my Brain Grapes.

This is an awesome post, period.  But, particularly for those of you who are leaving one stage-in-life for another - going from high school to college, going from college to the job world - this is a MUST READ.  The secret to happiness is contained herein.


How are you supposed to know whether or not the stuff you care about really matters? What are you really, really into, and how are you supposed to know whether or not that’s a worthwhile thing or not? How can you tell if you’re wasting your life or wasting your time? Do ever look at your own life…

Self obsession and self pity do not lead to self discovery. They’re just an endless maze. The lives of the people we impact is the only mirror in which we can truly see ourselves. God set aside a purpose and a destiny, then He created you to fulfill that destiny (Ephesians 2:10). Do that good work, and you’ll know yourself. Your essence, your purpose, the full true meaning of your existence.
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