The Squeezings of my Brain Grapes.
Are you in a place where you’re just barely hanging on, waiting for God to come through with a blessing? That’s a tough place to be, but how awesome is it that you’re still hanging on? You say just barely, I say barely counts! You’re sticking with God in this moment when every molecule of your being is screaming for you to go the other way. Can I just celebrate you right now? Yeah, you’re tired and cranky, heck, you’ve earned it. Oh, and that blessing is coming, why do you think this time of preparation has been so intense?
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My friend Matt King brings the heat.


What are you supposed to do when you cant find a guy who is a ‘real’ Christian guy? - and P.S. “waiting” sucks! Anonymous

As Tom Petty said, “the waiting is the hardest part”, and as half the people reading this just said, “who?”.

It’s a great question, and one that I am qualified to…

When you turn to God, He runs to you. The father saw the prodigal son ‘while he was still a long way off’, that’s because the father was yearning and watching and waiting. When you burst out your front door to go find God, you see He was already standing at your door and knocking. Whatever you’ve done, wherever you’ve gone off to, God is right there.
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