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BRIDGEBOX - You Always Have My Back
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A Heavy Rock version of a Jed Brewer worship song written for motorcycle gang members called “You Always Have My Back” about how Jesus is always there for us even when we think He should be angry with us.

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Hey my friends,

This-a-here is a music video we put together for my song “The Easy Part Is Hard.”  The music is like a mixture of Switchfoot and The Fray.  Check it out!



The music video for Jed Brewer’s “The Easy Part is Hard” about the struggle to believe God loves us. (Featuring a guest appearance on Unka Glen on bass.)

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Jed Brewer - The Easy Part Is Hard
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New Jed Brewer tune: The Easy Part is Hard.

“God loves you” is the most basic thing Christians hear, but sometimes it is a struggle to believe that. We don’t always feel that way, even thought we know it is true. The easiest part of our faith is often times the toughest. Jed wrote a song about that struggle.

You can get it on iTunes

Scott Copeland - You Want Me
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Hey my friends,

This is a song featuring my good friend Scott Copeland.  The sound is for fans of P.O.D., Trapt, and, really, the Warped Tour generally.

This song was written by my friend Lee Younger and myself, and it has to do with the fear that, if people knew what I was really like, no on would want to be around me.  The amazing thing about being a Christian, is that you discover Jesus knows everything about you, and He *still* loves you, *still* wants you, and is *still* straight up crazy about you!

Now, Scott’s gotten some airplay with this song over the past few months, and he’s actually up for a “New Artist Of The Year” award.  Would you help me and Lee and Scott out by taking 10 seconds to go to this link and select Scott Copeland as your pick for New Artist Of The Year?

Here’s the link:

Thanks so much, y’all!



You Want Me

If any of you knew the things I think about
How dark it is inside my mind
Just rage and fear and doubt

I wake up angry, I fall asleep so sad
And in between I’m guilty
For all the times I’ve been so bad

If everything inside me suddenly was known
You would run away
And I would be alone

If any of you knew the things that I have done
The crimes I have committed
You would turn and run

I’ve broken faith and trust
With those who call me friend
Then I turned around, and I did it all again

I know I’m past hope
I know I’m all used up
‘Cause everyone I’ve ever known someday runs out of love

You say you see the dark and deep
What’s hidden down inside
But Lord you know the secret me
And still you gave your life
It’s so hard to believe
But Jesus, you want me
You want me

If any of you knew the way I feel inside
The secrets I keep locked behind
The smiles that cover lies

I look in the bathroom mirror and only think of how
I am unloved and that makes sense
Cause no one wants me now

People who are special are people who aren’t me
And Jesus, may I ask, do you agree?

You say you see the dark and deep
What’s hidden down inside
But Lord you know the secret me
And still you gave your life
It’s so hard to believe
But Jesus, you want me
You want me

Scott Copeland - What Now Looks A Lie
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This is a fantastic song from my friend Scott Copeland.  Here’s what Scott has to say about the song: “A heavy approach to help teach that God sent himself in the form of Jesus to pay off what we did.”

The whole song is good, but this lyric - written from God’s perspective - makes it a must-listen on constant repeat…

When you were off getting high,
I still stood right by your side.

Even though you were not ready for me,
I am ready to give you everything.